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Case Studies

Case Studies provide real-life examples of the implementation of advanced management accounting concepts in the workplace.  Case Studies can take different forms such as:

·        A written summary of the implementation process directed to managers in the workplace; 

·        A teaching case that can be used by professional development facilitators, CMA moderators and/or university professors to demonstrate the advanced management accounting concept for their audience.

The Case Studies product line is suitable for several audiences:

  ·     CMA members and other professional management accountants who want to read about actual examples of implementations of advanced management accounting practices in the workplace. CMA members have free access to the entire Case Studies portfolio. Non-members can access individual Case Studies publications for a fee.

·      CMA candidates who want a real-life illustration of the concept they are studying in their CMA professional program. CMA candidates have free access to the entire Case Studies portfolio.

·      University professors who want to use fact-based cases in their classroom for teaching advanced management accounting concepts. University professors can request free access for their students with a formal written request to CMA Canada. For more information, please contact info@managementaccounting.org

Chartered Professional Accountants/ Comptables professionnels agréés

Welcome to CPA Canada!

The CICA and CMA Canada joined together January 1, 2013, to create CPA Canada as the national organization to support unification of the Canadian accounting profession under the CPA banner.

Our integrated CPA Canada website will launch in January 2014. Until that time, all our existing resources, services and information are available through the CICA and CMA Canada legacy sites.

Bienvenue à CPA Canada!

L’ICCA et CMA Canada se sont regroupés le 1er janvier 2013 afin de créer CPA Canada, l’organisation nationale qui soutient l'unification de la profession comptable canadienne sous la bannière CPA.

Le nouveau site CPA Canada sera mis en ligne en janvier 2014. Entre-temps, toutes nos ressources et tous nos services sont accessibles sur les sites de l’ICCA et de CMA Canada.